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The Addiction 
Episode 1 “The Piedmont” 


The Addiction is a 2-1/2 day, non-stop expedition style adventure race—where teams of 2, 3 and 4 will trek, bike, paddle and navigate with map and compass across a 150 to 160 mile linear race course in the Piedmont region of Virginia. Teams will trek and bike through dense forest and trails, small Virginia towns that are all but forgotten with the rise of the industrial age and the decline of the railroad, and paddle historic rivers that were once  highways in Colony Virginia. 

True to the spirit of expedition races all checkpoints will be MANDATORY and teams that miss a checkpoint will be short coursed but allowed to continue on. 


The Piedmont is one of 5 distinct geological regions that make up the state of Virginia. Our vision for the race is that every episode of The Addiction will take place in a different region of the state. Virginia is a playground for outdoor adventure from the Cumberland Plateau to the Great Appalachian Valley, Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Tidewater region that flows into the Atlantic. 

With numerous outdoor recreation spaces from state parks/forests to smaller local parks and trails systems, there is so much great land to play on. The Piedmont region is rich in American history—from the last battles of the civil war, to Jefferson’s Monticello, the rise of the railroad, where tobacco was king and people lived and died by the flow of the mighty and historic James River. 


When: Friday July 19th thru Sunday the 21st (pre-race activities the afternoon and evening of July 18th) 


Where: The Piedmont region of central Virginia. Teams will traverse a 150-160 mile linear race course. Will you go north, south, east, or west? 


To keep you guessing, the location for the pre and post race actives will be announced on June 3rd giving teams plenty of time to make hotel and travel arrangements. Note that the pre and post race activities location may not be the finish line:) 


How long: Teams will have up to 55 hours to complete the course. This time frame will depend on the race start time on the morning of Friday July 19th. 


Who: Teams of 2, 3 and 4. Co-ed or same sex teams. 4 person teams make up the premier division and will be eligible for prizes. No soloists allowed for this one. 




Paddling: with provided canoes: 32-35 miles on moving water. Expect some class I and II water. 


Biking: 80-90 miles on a combination of double and single track trails, fire roads, gravel and pavement.  Possible MTBO relay (mountain bike orienteering) section in which all team members will be required to complete the section on their own. 


Trekking: 30-35 miles. Combination of trails, fire roads, gravel, off trail bushwhacking, foot orienteering leg 


Navigation: Teams can expect full on map and compass navigation for the entire race. 

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