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The Fine Print


Most Important Rule: Have fun! Adventure races are amazing journeys. Enjoy the time with your teammates and enjoy the great outdoors!


In the event of a emergency, teams should call 911 first before calling race management. You are responsible for own safety…be smart, use your best judgement and stay safe!

Dropping Out of a Race
If you cannot complete a race, proceed to the nearest manned checkpoint and check in with a volunteer/race staff. A team MAY NOT leave the race course unless first notifying race management. Unless there is a major medical emergency teams are responsible for making their way back to the start/finish should they decide to drop from the race.


Race Timing 
The timing of the event will begin at the start of the race and officially ends when the entire team or soloist crosses the finish line. Race management reserves the right to change the start/finish time for the event which will be communicated to racers at the race brief. The time recorded by Adventure Addicts Racing will be the official time.


On the Race Course 

  • Each team will visit a series of checkpoints that are described on the Rules of Travel/Clue Sheet. Teams must visit all the checkpoints in order (unless otherwise stated on Rules of Travel/Clue Sheet) and use the mode of transportation described.

  • Each team will receive a passport/control card. Teams must punch the passport at each checkpoint throughout the race course. Teams must punch the number on the passport that corresponds with the numbered checkpoint they are at. In some cases checkpoints will be manned by volunteers. At these checkpoints teams may have their passport signed by a volunteer/race management instead of punching a flag

  • In order to remain official teams must complete the mandatory prescribed course, and cross the finish line as a team by the official race cut-off time. All checkpoints are worth one point. Teams may acquire as many optional checkpoints as they can. Optional checkpoints are worth one point each

  • Teams will be ranked by the total numbers of mandatory and then optional checkpoints they have acquired. In the event of a tie (two teams each acquire all the mandatory points and the same number of optional points) the team with the fastest race time will be ranked higher

  • In the event that a checkpoint is stolen or misplaced, teams should search in the area of the checkpoint for no longer than 30 minutes, attempt to notify race management and then proceed to the next checkpoint. If there is a stolen or misplaced checkpoint or error in the Rules of Travel/Clue sheet, teams will receive a 30 minute time credit for time lost. The checkpoint will be removed from the course

  • The final ranking of teams will be determined by Adventure Addicts Racing race management after any penalties and bonuses have been awarded

  • Race management reserves the right to award penalties and bonuses throughout the race. We also reserve the right to add bonus time to teams who have aided others in distress and assess time penalties for infractions listed

  • Unofficial teams may continue on the race course with race managements approval but they will be out of the running for ranking, awards and prizes

  • All team members must check in together at each checkpoint. All members of each team must stay within 100 feet of each other at all times during the event. All team members must cross the finish line at the same time

  • All races must follow a “Leave no Trace” ethic

  • No littering of any kind is allowed. Teams caught littering will be automatically disqualified

  • Teams must follow race travel instructions and avoid all off-limits areas as described on the Rules of Travel/Clue Sheet or maps

  • Teams must exclusively travel under their own power during the race. Any team using motorized transportation will be automatically disqualified

  • Solo racers must follow the same rules as teams.


Transition Areas

  • Team members will not be allowed to receive outside support in the transition areas

  • Teams may not stage any equipment on the race course unless permitted by race management in the Rules of Travel/Clue Sheet

  • Non team members are not allowed on the course without approval from race management.


Required Gear

  • Teams must carry all required gear throughout each section of the race unless stated otherwise by race management. (e.g., a mountain bike helmet is required gear, but does not need to be worn during a trekking section.)
    Official race passport, maps, and Rules of Travel/Clue sheet are all mandatory gear to be carried throughout the entire race. Teams that loose one of these items will be receive 1 mandatory checkpoint penalty and may be ranked unofficial

  • Gear checks will be performed on the race course. Teams failing to present a requested piece of mandatory gear will receive 1 mandatory checkpoint penalty for each piece of gear not shown

  • Each individual racer must wear a race number/bib at all times. Race numbers/bibs are part of mandatory gear

  • Helmets must be worn at all times during all mountain biking legs

  • Bike lights must be turned on during night riding from dusk to dawn

  • All teams members must wear a PFD at all times during paddling sections of the race

  • GPS equipment is not allowed. Any team found using a GPS will be automatically disqualified

  • Teams are responsible for their own food and drink on the race course.


Race Management

  • All participants must be at least 18 years of age if they are racing without a parent or guardian. Participates under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Minimum age is 12 years old.

  • Rules may be added or changed at any time during the event

  • Team members must sign all waivers and be present at all safety and pre-race meetings in order to participate.

  • No illegal drugs shall be used during the event. Violation of this rule results in automatic disqualification

  • Adventure Addicts Racing is not responsible for stolen, lost or damaged equipment

  • Teams may lodge a protest anytime during the event. The protest must be in writing, turned in at a manned checkpoint and must be documented on their passport. A written post race grievance must be received by race management no later than 1 hour after the official race finish time.


Grounds for Disqualification

  • Leaving/abandoning a teammate

  • Mode of travel not specific for each leg of race

  • Use of any electronic navigation device (e.g., GPS)

  • Littering on course

  • Non-assistance of person in danger

  • More than 1 hour late to the start line

  • Disobeying instructions from a race official

  • Unauthorized use of a road or trail

  • Accepting equipment from any source other than teammates or other racers during the event

  • Open fires (in a non-emergency situation)

  • Non emergency use of cell phone or radio expect as noted above

  • Not wearing a PFD during paddle/water sections

  • Not wearing a helmet during mountain biking sections

  • Possession or use of a weapon

  • Sabotage

  • Violation over the identity of a competitor or change of a team member during the event

  • Removing or damaging a trail sign or marking

  • Lack of respect for other racers, volunteers, Adventure Addicts Racing Staff, equipment, or the environment. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of race management.


One (1) Mandatory Checkpoint Penalty 

  • Intervention by Adventure Addicts Racing staff for assistance on the race course

  • Loss of passport, maps, Rules of Travel, mandatory gear

  • Violating the 100 foot rule, dispersed team

  • Not wearing race bib, number

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