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The Buff Betty—12 Hour 



Date: September 24, 2022


Location: Hungry Mother State Park



12 hour course : 6 am to 6pm







Friday, September 23

Due to an early start on Saturday morning, team check in will take place on Friday night in the park from 6-9pm.  If you are not able to make the check in that evening you can check in very early race morning, TBA. Teams will not receive their maps and rules of travel until race morning. 

Saturday, September 24


5am: Maps and rules of travel distributed 

5:45am: Quick race brief to answer questions 

6am: Race start 

6pm: Race finish all teams off course 

6:15pm: Post-race dinner, awards and fun combined with the 6-hour race 


Live pre-race brief on Facebook the week of the race, TBA. 


$145 per person

(Early registration through Sunday July 17th)


$175 per person

(Regular registration July 18th thru Sunday September 4)


$205 per person

(Late registration September 5 thru Sunday September 18)


Due to race day logistics, there is no race day registration.


Note: A small registration fee is added by the registration company onto the race cost.



It was only a matter of time before the Buff Betty got longer and harder. We feel the time is right and the mountains are a perfect place; we look forward to seeing you take on the 12-hour course! With a 6am start, teams will begin the race in the dark and have a full 12 hours to get to the finish line—acquiring as many checkpoints as possible. This course will be challenging, particularly in regard to elevation gain/loss and navigation, especially on the foot sections. If you have been thinking about taking on a longer race and feel that you have the fitness and navigation ability to get to the finish line, this is the race for you. Or perhaps you want to work on that navigation, test yourself and see what you can do on your own as a soloist, or leading a team without the guys around….


The team that acquires the most points in the least amount of time wins. All checkpoints will be optional with all TA’s mandatory. Teams will be able to do as much of or as little of the course as they feel comfortable doing. The course is a secret until race morning when you get your map(s) and rules of travel instructions. This race will feature live race tracking. 



Navigation: Map and compass navigation throughout the race with intermediate navigation and some more advanced navigation on foot sections with off trail travel from point to point. We highly recommend at least one person on your team is comfortable and confident with map and compass navigation and reading a map. 


Paddling: 4-6 miles of lake paddling with canoes and kayaks. Soloists will paddle kayaks and teams, canoes. All paddling gear will be supplied and you can bring your own paddle gear, but not your own boats. The lake is deceivingly bigger than it looks and there may be several paddle leg(s). We are also looking into having a paddle board leg in the race that will be designed as a short, fun challenge. Once the final course is done and pre-run we will notify all teams if paddle boarding will be included. 


Biking: 25-35 miles, The trails in the park are amazing and purpose built for mountain biking. You will see a lot of them and overall they are fast, flowy and well groomed. What makes the biking challenging is the elevation gain and loss in the park. You can expect some climbing on the bike and some fast fun descents. There will also be some riding on pavement, dirt and gravel roads. And don’t forget the bike-a-hike. Why ride your bike when you can pick it up and carry it…… 


Trekking: 12-16 miles of trekking on trails, roads, and some extensive off trail travel from point to point. The park is in the mountains with undulating terrain. With a high point of 3200 feet you can expect a fair amount of climbing, ridge line travel, deadfall, and some thick vegetation such as rhododendron and mountain laurel. Fun!!! 




This event is a USARA-sanctioned race, and each participant must be a USARA member or hold a one-day USARA license. USARA offers one-day memberships for $8 or annual memberships for $35. Membership includes high-quality medical insurance at USARA events; discounts with USARA-affiliated AR coaches; discounts from more than 200 top outdoor brands; and the knowledge that you're a part of USARA's efforts to support racers and racer directors as we work together to build and improve the sport of adventure racing. All fees go directly toward the operational costs of USARA, ensuring that the organization can best serve the AR community.


USARA membership fees will be collected at registration.


  • Live race tracking by our friends at Enabled Tracking 

  • A fun, safe, challenging and creative race course design 

  • All insurance, permits and safety staff 

  • Beautiful custom made map(s), from our friends at TanZ Navigation 

  • Sweet schwag and our signature finisher prize 

  • Cool prizes on the podium for the top 3 teams in each division 

  • Fabulous Post-Race Food

  • All Boats and Paddling Gear provided

  • Free camping in the state park 

  • A great day outside with old and new friends


Most of this mandatory gear is for your safety. 


Mandatory Gear for Each Racer

Backpack and a way to carry water (e.g., camelbak, water bottles, etc.)

Food and water for the race

Space blanket (We recommend the SOL Space Blanket)


Rain jacket 

Face covering or mask


Mountain bikes are highly recommended and cross bikes are allowed. No road bikes allowed. 

Bike helmet

Paddles and PFDs are provided by race, but racers may bring their own

Boats are provided by race

A sense of adventure!


Mandatory Gear for Each Team

Compass: just in case you get lost. But don't worry, you won't get lost!

Bike tool, spare tube(s), pump or CO2

Basic medical kit (We recommend the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight 3):

Duct tape

Race map (provided at check-in)

Race rules of travel (provided at check-in)

Race passport (provided at check-in)


Cell phone (fully charged)

Small dry bag for the safe-keeping of your cell phone. These bag(s) SHOULD BE WATERPROOF. It is to your benefit to make sure you have the best waterproofing system you can find.


Recommended Gear

Waterproof map case (this can be as simple as zip lock(s) bags and duct tape or a store bought case)

Map board for your bike 

Long fingered gloves 

Long tights/pants

Extra socks

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