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The Original Buff Betty— 6 Hours



Date: Saturday, June 22, 2024


Location: Occoneechee State Park



6 hour course : 9 am to 3pm





There is NO 4 person team option this year. 



Live pre-race brief on Zoom the week of the race, TBA.


Saturday, June 22, 2024


7–8 am: Team check-in

8:15am: Mandatory Race Brief 

9:00am: Race Start

3pm: Race Finish/All Teams Off Course

3:15pm: Post-race food, awards and fun


This year's race will be a sanctioned USARA event. An $8 race day fee (or proof of USARA membership) is required by USARA and can be purchased at registration. If you are purchasing a 1-day membership, choose June 22nd as the start date of your membership. 


Early registration:
Monday Feb 12th thru Sunday April 7th 

$120 a person 


Regular registration:
Monday April 8th thru Sunday May 26th 

$140 a person 


Late registration:
Monday May 27th thru Sunday June 12th

$160 a person 


Due to race day logistics, there is no race day registration.

Note: A small registration fee is added by the registration company onto the race cost.



The original  Buff Betty will be designed as a beginner-friendly race that will also challenge those veteran Buff Betty’s who perhaps do not have the time or desire to do a race that lasts all day. It is also the perfect race to introduce your daughters or nieces, or a friend that is curious and interested in the sport. This course will consists of the three main disciples of the sport, biking, trekking and padding, and will be designed so that you have fun, with a little bit of challenge thrown in.  The navigation will be very beginner friendly.  The team that acquires the most points in the least amount of time wins. All checkpoints will be optional with all TA’s mandatory. Teams will be able to do as much of or as little of the course as they feel comfortable doing. The course is a secret until race morning when you get your map and rules of travel instructions. 



Trekking, mountain biking, paddling, navigation with map and compass. If you can read a basic park map you can do the 6 hour course.

Approximate distances for all disciplines will be provided at a later date. However you can expect roughly 2-3 miles of flat water paddling, 4-6 miles of trekking and 6-10 miles of biking. The terrain in this park is very flat and you can expect very minimal elevation gain and loss. Most of the trekking and biking will take place on trails in the woods, with a little bit of pavement and park roads. All checkpoints on the map(s) will be pre-plotted for you. 

A note on the paddling: For this year's race we are allowing racers/teams to bring their own boats. Maybe you are a paddler and would prefer to use your own speedy boat. You can use any boat you wish for your team. Kayaks, a canoe or a combination of both, etc. As long as the boat is in good working condition we don’t care. PACK-RAFTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. You will not have to move your boat during the race and all boats will be pre-staged at a location in the park on race morning. 


You will be asked at registration if you plan to bring your own boat. As we get closer to race day we will reach out to all racers to confirm your boat choice. 


NOTE: We WILL be providing boats for racers who do not bring their own. If you don’t bring your own boat, solo racers will get a kayak and teams of 2 and 3 will get a canoe or possibly a tandem kayak for 2 person teams and two kayaks for 3 person teams. We will update all teams on the final boat configuration as we get closer to race day.  All paddling gear will be provided, but you will be allowed to bring your own paddles and PFD. 


What You’ll Get:

  • A fun, safe, challenging and creative race course design 

  • All insurance, permits and safety staff 

  • Beautiful custom made map(s)          

  • Sweet schwag and our signature finisher prize 

  • Cool prizes on the podium for the top 3 teams in each division 

  • Fabulous post-race food. We are thinking pizza this time..... 

  • All boats and paddling gear provided fi you don't bring your own. 

  • A great day outside with old and new friends



Most of this mandatory gear is for your safety. 


Mandatory Gear for Each Racer

Backpack and a way to carry water (e.g., camelbak, water bottles, etc.)

Food and water for the race

Space blanket (We recommend the SOL Space Blanket)


Rain jacket  (final decision on this will be determined race day weather dependent) 

Mountain bikes are highly recommended and cross bikes are allowed. No road bikes allowed. 

Bike helmet

Paddles and PFDs are provided by race, but racers may bring their own

Boats are provided, or you can bring your own   

A sense of adventure!


Mandatory Gear for Each Team

Compass: just in case you get lost. But don't worry, you won't get lost!

Bike tool, spare tube(s), pump or CO2

Basic medical kit (We recommend the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight 3):

Duct tape

Race map (provided at check-in)

Race rules of travel (provided at check-in)

Race passport (provided at check-in)


Cell phone (fully charged)

Small dry bag for the safe-keeping of your cell phone. These bag(s) SHOULD BE WATERPROOF. It is to your benefit to make sure you have the best waterproofing system you can find.


Recommended Gear

Waterproof map case (this can be as simple as zip lock(s) bags and duct tape or a store bought case)

Map board for your bike 

Long fingered gloves 

Long tights/pants

Extra socks

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