The Chill Winter Adventure Race January 30, 2021      Cumberland State Forest, Virginia


Date: Saturday, January 30, 2021


Location: Bear Creek Lake S.P. / 
Cumberland State Forest, VA


Duration: 8 hours


Solo (Male or Female)

Two-Person (Male, Female or Co-ed)

Three-Person (Male, Female or Co-ed)


$70 per person

(Early registration through December 8th)

$90 per person

(Regular registration December 9th thru January 12th)

$120 per person

(Late registration January 13 thru January 22nd)

Due to race day logistics, there is no race day registration.

Note: A small registration fee and sales tax are added by the registration company onto the race cost.


What You’ll Get:

  • Beautiful Map(s)

  • Sweet Schwag

  • Cool Prizes

  • Fabulous Post-Race Food and Beverages

  • A Great Day Outside with Old and New Friends

A note about Schwag: 

In an effort to eliminate waste and giving you stuff you don’t want, we have made a change to the registration process and our fees. Moving forward, race entries will not include a shirt or other schwag items. We have decreased the registration fees by the amount we would normally pay for shirts. If you would like a shirt or other cool items we come up with, you can add it on and pay for it when you register. The price will range from $10-$20, depending on the item, and you will pick it up at race check-in.  So if you want it great, if not great! If you want one, though, be sure to order when registering, as we won't be ordering extras. We will still have cool finishers prizes!



Saturday, January 25


8:30am–9:30am: Check-in

9:30am: Mandatory Race Brief (we will be doing an online version of the race brief in the week before the race)

10:00am: Race Start

6:00pm: Race Finish/All Teams Off Course

6:00pm-8:00pm: Post-Race Dinner/Awards

An adventure race in the dead of winter. Say what? Because adventure knows no season. 


The Chill is back this winter for its 5th Edition! If you love being outside in the winter with that crisp cold air, clear woods, no spider webs, and the chance of some white stuff on the ground then The Chill is for you! 


Nestled in the heart of central Virginia lies Cumberland State Forest—the second largest forest in the state of Virginia. It is a recreational playground rich in history with nearly 100 miles of combined trails, forest service roads, fire roads and creeks to explore. It has adventure written all over it, especially in the winter!  The launching point for the race will be in Bear Creek State Park which is located in the heart of the forest. At the finish line you will be rewarded with a hot dinner and beverages. 


You never know what the weather will bring come race day and that is what makes The Chill so fun and popular. Rain, snow, ice, sleet or shine, get ready for an awesome winter day outside!



Teams will trek, bike and navigate through the Cumberland State Forest and Bear Creek Lake State Park. The team that acquires the most checkpoints in the fastest time wins.

Navigation: Expect full on map and compass navigation for the entire race. Don't know how to navigate? We recommend that you are familiar with using a map and compass or have at least one person on your team that is.


Foot: Hiking, trail running, off trail travel from checkpoint to checkpoint. 


Biking: A combination of forest roads, trails, gravel roads and pavement. 

Due to the nature of a winter race outside in the elements, most of this mandatory gear is for your safety. Make sure you have the gear and warm clothing you need to stay warm, dry and safe!

Mandatory Gear for Each Racer

Backpack and a way to carry water (e.g., camelbak, water bottles, etc.)

Food and water for the race

Space blanket (We recommend the SOL Space Blanket)


Fleece hat or buff 

A long sleeve wool or technical shirt 

Rain jacket 

Mountain bikes are highly recommended and cross bikes are allowed. No road bikes allowed. 

Bike helmet

Working headlamp 

White front bike light (headlamp ok) 

Back red blinky on bike 

A sense of adventure!

Mandatory Gear for Each Team

Compass: just in case you get lost. But don't worry, you won't get lost!

Bike tool, spare tube(s), pump or CO2

Basic medical kit (We recommend the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight 3):

Duct tape

Race map (provided at check-in)

Race rules of travel (provided at check-in)

Race passport (provided at check-in)


Cell phone (fully charged)

Small dry bag for the safe-keeping of your cell phone. These bag(s) SHOULD BE WATERPROOF.
   It is to your benefit to make sure you have the best waterproofing system you can find.


Recommended Gear

Waterproof map case (this can be as simple as zip lock(s) bags and duct tape or a store bought case)

Map board for your bike 

Long fingered gloves 

Long tights/pants

Extra socks




The closest small town is Farmville, with too many lodging options, hotels and airbnb's to list here. 

Bear Creek Lake has cabins available, but camping will not be available due to the season.