Brake the Habit Adventure Race March 27–28, 2020                    Holliday Lake State Park, Virginia




Location: Holliday Lake S.P. / 
Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest, VA


6 hour course: 9am race start

15 hour course: Midnight start on 3/27


Solo (Male or Female)

Two-Person (Male, Female or Co-ed)

Three-Person (Male, Female or Co-ed)


We're tired of shirts! So our premium add-on for this race is a 50" x 60" black fleece blanket, with "Adventure, Cheaper Than Therapy" embroidered on it.



Brake the Habit is back for its fourth edition! This race has historically been held in early spring—we are excited to bring it back as the days get (slightly) longer and warmer. We have moved it to a new location, with terrain that is yet untouched by adventure racing. Have you been couped up inside all winter long, on Zwift or the treadmill?  Are you bursting to get outside in the woods, as they come alive after the long winter? So get ready for a day of biking, trekking, padding and navigating! 


Soloists, 2-person and 3-person teams will have the option of the 6-hour, beginner-friendly race, or the longer, harder 15-hour race. The 15-hour race will be a USARA Regional Qualifier for the National Championships in September 2020. 


The 15-hour race has a twist to it… the race will start at midnight and finish at 3pm on Saturday. 


Why? Well, why not?! It’s adventure racing and anything can happen. If you haven't done a race before with a midnight start, it's a pretty cool way to kick things off. By the time you get to the  finish line at 3pm on Saturday, you will be ready for a nap!


Both races will take place in the Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest, the largest state forest in Virginia. With nearly 20,000 acres of land, the forest is bordered by the Appomattox River to the south, the famous Appomattox Battlefield to the west and the beginning of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. Located within the forest, Holliday Lake State Park will be our host park for the race; teams will be able to camp in the park over the weekend. Both races will finish at the same time on Saturday, with one big post-race party at the finish line! 

Fifteen Hour Race Information

Six Hour Race Information