Here are the races we're working on for 2021. Stay tuned for details.
While we all wait for wide-spread in-person adventure racing to return, here are some helpful resources in the Adventure community:
United States Adventure Racing Association (USARA)
Adventure Racing Cooperative
Attackpoint AR
Quantico Orienteering Club
Central Virginia Orienteering Club

Adventure Racing Today
(Excerpt. Check out the full article on our Resources page)

Today there are well over 50 adventure race promotion companies spread across the US…from Florida to California to Minnesota. Many of these promoters are a part of the United States Adventure Racing Association and the Adventure Racing Cooperative. While a few expedition races remain, over the past few years shorter races have become much more popular.

The next chapter of adventure racing history is still being written, but our hope is that the sport stays true to its roots…coed teams, true navigation, preservation of the environment and ecological awareness, epic journeys of self-discovery. We hope you join us and help keep the sport of adventure racing alive!

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The Chill

January 30, 2021

Registration is FULL


Brake the Habit

March 27 2021

Registration is FULL

Buff Betty

September 2021

Race the Ridge

November 2021

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