Common Questions

What is Adventure Racing?

Adventure racing (AR) is the greatest, most awesome sport ever! All of our adventure races contain mountain biking, trekking, and paddling. At the beginning of each race you are given a map with checkpoints on it and an instruction sheet with clues to help you find each checkpoint. The instruction sheet also tells you the order in which the checkpoints must be found and how you will travel to each point (e.g., by mountain bike, foot, or canoe). The goal of the race is to find as many checkpoints as possible in the allotted race time using only the map, instruction sheet, a compass, and your brain. Check out the Adventure Racing 101 page for the definition and history of AR. You can also read about some of the things that make AR so awesome in our blog.

What gear do I need for an adventure race?

The basics including: a mountain bike, a bike helmet, a backpack and a way to carry fluids (e.g., camelbak), a compass, food, water, running/trail shoes. Each race will have a specific gear list that outlines the mandatory and recommended gear. The longer the race…typically the longer the gear list. We always provide the option to rent all the paddling gear you will need for our races, including canoes, paddles, and PFDs. If you have a question about gear, please contact us…we love talking gear!

I can’t navigate very well…can I still do an adventure race?

Yes! Our sport level races only require basic navigation skills. Or you can find a teammate that knows how to navigate. Our Elite races require good navigation skills. The best way to learn to use a map and compass is orienteering. Quantico Orienteering Club (QOC) orienteering meets are the BEST way to learn. The club has meets around the Washington DC area through the fall, winter, and spring.

I’m in decent shape, but I’m not super-human or anything…can I do an adventure race?

Yes, yes, yes! If you run a 5k, ride mountain bike 10 miles, and paddle a canoe for an hour…then you can do our Sport race. If you can run a 10k, ride a mountain bike 20 miles, and paddle a canoe for two hours…then you can do our Elite race.

Can I bring my own boat, paddle, and PFD to a race?

You are more than welcome to bring and use your own boat and paddle equipment at our events. We do ask that you let us know that you are planning to use your own boat so we don’t reserve one for you.

Can I wear a watch that has a GPS in it?

Yes, assuming that you are using it to record your GPS tracks and information like total distance, speed, or heart race. However, GPS units that have a map display (e.g., Garmin 800 bike computer) are NOT allowed. We know that many athletes use GPS watches to record the length and distance of their workouts and that is cool with us.

Can I use a bike computer to measure distance?

Yes, of course. A bike computer is a very valuable resource to tell you how far you’ve traveled. However, GPS units that have a map display (e.g., Garmin 800 bike computer) are NOT allowed.

How early should I arrive at the race?

Give yourself plenty of time to check-in, review the map, and plan your route with your team. We recommend that you arrive at least one hour BEFORE the scheduled race briefing. For example, if the race starts at 10am and the race brief is at 9am…then arrive at least by 8am. It’s always best to give yourself a little extra time race morning.

What is the scale of the maps and are they adjusted for declination?

Our maps are beautiful and custom made by Red Arrow Maps. They are usually 1:15,000 scale and drawn to magnetic north (just like orienteering maps). Very occasionally, we will provide you maps of different scales. We will always tell you the scales of the maps prior to the race.

Will there be food after the race?

Of course! We always provide awesome food after our events.

What is your refund policy?

Requests sent to us at least 30 calendar days before the race will receive a full refund minus a $10 admin fee. Requests sent at least 14 calendar days before the race will receive a 50% registration fee refund. Requests sent at least 7 calendar days before the race will receive a 25% registration fee refund. No refunds within 7 days of the race. service fees are not refundable.

Entry fees may not be transferred to another race. Entry fees may be transferred to another person for no fee.

Have a question? Drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you!