Brake the Habit 2017


Brake the Habit Adventure Race

Winter is ending and spring is around the corner.  Time to brake (like a bike brake) the habit of your winter hibernation…of being inside…of not riding your bike because it’s too cold…it’s time to get outside again!


We can’t put on these events without our awesome volunteers! If you have time to help us out at this race, even for just a few hours, please sign up here: Sign Up to Volunteer at Brake the Habit

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Racer Communication 8 hour

Racer Communication 3 hour

3 Hour Race

The 3 hour “Brake the Habit” is designed to introduce you to the greatest sport in the world! If have been curious about adventure racing but hesitant to give it a go, this is the race for you. Maybe you love the outdoors and being in the woods…but the navigation element scares you. Or you love to hike/run and ride bikes…but not too sure about doing it in the woods.  Or you have a background in other endurance sports and are sick and tired of the same old thing.

We’ve got you covered! The navigation for this race will be very beginner-friendly, with all checkpoints on trails or roads and no prior experience necessary. The trekking/running sections will be straight-forward (no nasty bushwhacking) and the mountain biking will be on fire roads/roads and easy riding trails. Any bike will suffice. But no road bikes or skinny tires allowed. And the paddle will be short but sweet.

Overall, this race is meant to give you a taste of what adventure racing is all about. Working with a team, spending quality time in the woods, and pushing yourself a little further than you thought possible. So give it a go!  And if you become addicted you can blame us.

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8 Hour Race

The 3rd edition of the Brake the Habit returns! This 8 hour race is in the same great park, but with a slightly longer format and a brand new course… with a huge lake for paddling and 7 miles of awesome new single-track! Get ready for a bike and paddle-heavy race that includes lots of options and strategic decision-making!